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Cromocol Scandinavia AB is a company with main focus on test equipment and instruments for materials and components testing. The products we market come from world-leading manufacturers, renowned for their quality and technological innovations. Our customers are mainly in Scandinavia, but also neighboring countries.


We have actively chosen to supply equipment from some of the leading manufacturers of test equipment and instrument in the areas where we operate today. Quality is something that permeates our entire business; ranging from the quality of our products to the expertise of our sales staff, service technicians and engineers.


Servicing our customers, whether it concerns technical consultation or calibration and service of equipment and instruments, is for us a matter of course. Thanks to a well-established service organization and our long experience, we can create added value for all of our customers.


Some of our supplier contracts are more than 50 years old. At Cromocol, we value building long-term relationships, both to customers and suppliers. To convey quality, create loyalty.


Bio-Logic BluRev RRDE: The Lord of the Ring

13 Jan 2021
The RRDE is the latest addition to our BluRev range of accessories and complements the Rotating disk electrode. The addition of a concentric ring to the BluRev RDE (Rotating Disk Electrode), allows the user to collect species produced on the disk. Homogeneous bulk reactions of intermediate species produced at the disk can be studied by comparing experimental data to theoretical terms.
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New improved Bio-Logic VMP-3e to replace VMP3

13 Jan 2021
The brief… take a great potentiostat, the workhorse VMP3, and make it even better.
BioLogic developed the VMP-3e to replace the VMP3, a tried and tested, workhorse electrochemical workstation, which has proven invaluable to scientists in many research fields for years.
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Introducing the Atlas® UVCTest

28 Oct 2020
Introducing the Atlas UVCTest, the first exposure instrument designed for UVC radiation. A safe and cost-effective solution for evaluating materials exposed to high-energy radiation from UVC sterilization devices.

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NEW Inline digital glossmeter by Proceq

29 Jun 2020
Proceq releases a new brand new inline glossmeter for quality monitoring in production lines. The gloss meter can be implemented into any existing system due to a smart and adaptable communication system.
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