Written by DZ

The new Atlas Weather-Ometer®; Ci4400

For over 100 years, Atlas instruments have revolutionized the science of weather durability testing. The new Atlas Ci4400 Weather-Ometer® is our most advanced instrument yet providing easy and effortless operation, unmatched uniformity, increased capacity and a sleeker design, delivering unparalleled value and performance. With its user-friendly touch screen interface and ergonomic features, the best-in-class just got even better.

Unmatched Repeatability and Reproducibility
Design and engineering innovations in the airflow, irradiance and control systems have dramatically reduced variability in critical test parameters. As a result, the Ci4400 achieves new levels of temperature, humidity and light exposure uniformity.

– 6500 W water-cooled xenon arc lamp system
– Total exposure area of 7,300 cm2 (1,130 in2)
– 3-tier inclined specimen rack with removable sections
– Full color 15″ touch screen user interface display of all test parameters
– Streaming data output via Ethernet or USB port. USB thumb drive included
– SmartLightTM monitor verifies that correct light capsule is installed
– Specimen and rack spray
– Filter combinations available to meet all common test methods
– Water purity indicator with alarm
and more.

Learn more about the instrument here: Atlas CI4400