Written by DZ

Bubble and Foam Chemistry course at RISE 18-19th of September

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a course in
Bubble and Foam Chemistry

The course is hosted by our friends at RISE in Stockholm
and the main sponsor of the event is our supplier Krüss GmbH.

This 2-day course on the 18-19  September provides a straightforward introduction to the principles and properties of foams and foaming surfactants. It discusses the key ideas that underpin why foaming occurs, how it can be avoided and how different degrees of antifoaming can be achieved, and covers the latest test methods, including laboratory and industrial developed techniques. Combining academic and industrial viewpoints and detailing a variety of different kinds of foams, from wet detergents and food foams, to polymeric, material and metal foams, it connects theory to real-world applications and recent developments in foam research. This course is organized every two years and was held for the first time in 2017.
“Bob is a very good teacher! He made it possible to follow all the lectures even for someone without a chemistry background like me!”*
“Clear contents, a good balance between theoretical information and more applied examples. The simplicity of demo sessions made it easy to remember the phenomena.”*


Final registration day 28 August.