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Measure the Color of Plant-based Meat Substitutes

Global concerns about climate impact and food insecurity have accelerated the need for plant-based meat alternatives. In fact, the shift to alternative proteins may be the most cost-effective way of addressing the climate crisis. Plant-based Meat Substitutes or Alternative Protein is one of the fastest-growing industries in the US and worldwide and with HunterLab instruments you can measure the color of any protein-based product or raw material. Why? Read more!

Plant-based meat products, their ingredients and raw materials go through strict quality checks since they are a key food source for humanity. The manufacturers of these alternative proteins also have immense pressure to make their products look attractive to the human palate and be like the real meat in taste and texture. HunterLab provides the ideal color measurement solutions to ensure that the finished product is visually delicious for the consumer and consistently flawless for the food producer.

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How Color Measurement Ensures Plant-Based Burgers Look Like Real Meat:

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