Written by DZ

New improved Bio-Logic VMP-3e to replace VMP3

The brief… take a great potentiostat, the workhorse VMP3, and make it even better.
BioLogic developed the VMP-3e to replace the VMP3, a tried and tested, workhorse electrochemical workstation, which has proven invaluable to scientists in many research fields for years. “The VMP-3 was a great product, but BioLogic received feedback from clients asking for increased current capability, especially for battery research & testing. Similarly, we knew it was time to upgrade the instrument’s board to the favoured “e” type developed for the Premium potentiostat/galvanostat range to open up upgrade capabilities and enable important new functionality for our clients.
Users have caught on to the benefits of our Quality Indicators, used to validate EIS measurements, previously only available in the Premium range and asked us to add this functionality to new Essential potentiostats”: Aymeric Pellissier/Senior Product Manager (Electrochemistry Division). BioLogic’s development team listened carefully to user feedback and replied with the VMP-3e, an all-round potentiostat, but one that offers particular value to researchers specializing in batteries.
The VMP-3e’s standard voltage range of ±10 V is extendable to -20 V to +20 V and the 1 A default current range can reach 60V and 800A through BioLogic’s FlexP booster range. Current can also be brought down to 20nA through upgrade modules that can be retrofitted by the user, effectively “future-proofing” the instrument and ensuring it grows with users’ needs.
Up to 16 channels can be added to the VMP-3e, which is the second potentiostat in our Essentials range with built-in Quality Indicators after the VSP-3e, enabling users to validate EIS in the instruments 1 MHz to 10 µHz range.