Written by DZ

NEW Inline digital glossmeter by Proceq

Proceq releases a new brand new inline glossmeter for quality monitoring in production lines. The gloss meter can be implemented into any existing system due to a smart and adaptable communication system.

The appearance of your product’s surface—no matter the material—determines its attractiveness, influences its functionality and conveys its premium value by showcasing the quality of your operations to customers. As a result, surface gloss and haze are product attributes that are precisely specified and tightly controlled in production.

Zehntner ZG8150 by Proceq enables product manufacturers to monitor quality – automatically and continuously. The rugged, compact and ultra-fast probe packs Swiss Made optics and electronics, paired with sophisticated Stray Light Compensation algorithms and a rich set of features. Integrate the probe into your production line a get immediate quality data.

More info about the ZG8150 can be found here.