Written by DZ

New SMART Spectrophotometer from HunterLab

Aeros, The world’s only SMART color measurement spectrophotometer

With new innovative SMART features like Auto Height Positioning, a rotating sample platform providing the largest sample area measurement in the world, large touch-screen display, and smart communications, the innovative Aeros is the best way for you to measure the color of irregularly shaped/textured product samples. Products like coffee beans, powders, plastic pellets, even industrial minerals are a snap for Aeros to measure.

Combining patent pending non-contact measurement methodology with auto height positioning, a rotating sample platform, and EasyMatch Essentials®-our exclusive on-board color quality control software that offers all the color indices and metrics you need; Aeros is the complete smart color measurement system.

In addition, HunterLab’s innovative Remote Access Support (RAS) offers unparalleled technical and diagnostic support long after the sale.

Learn more about the instrument here: Aeros