VeriVide’s DigiEye system helps where colour and appearance are critical. From food and drink to automotive interiors, businesses are using colour and appearance data to their advantage in ways that they may never have previously considered. Data collected and processed by DigiEye offers a range of benefits to manufacturers, producers and processors from speeding up quality control and sustaining product integrity and reducing wastage.




The DigiEye

High-quality visual evaluation tool for quality assurance

So what is DigiEye? It’s a truly game-changing non-contact digital imaging system that instantly, accurately and repeatably measures both the colour and
appearance of any product, material or substance – including liquids and semi-liquids – against user-specified standards.
Crucially, it mimics the way human vision works. It does not collect data indiscriminately. It sees colour in its context, focusing on the elements that matter
(for example, a particular food ingredient) and filtering out the rest (for example, other ingredients or packaging).
But unlike human vision and assessment, DigiEye is totally objective. And it stores enormous amounts of retrievable and valuable data continuously too.

Easy to use and adaptable

Despite its advanced technology, DigiEye is an easy-to-use system that can
be used by anyone after minimal training, and that integrates easily into most
production, quality control or R&D environments. A further major benefit is
its ability to share data in real time with any other DigiEye system, whether
in the same building or on a different continent.

The DigiEye v.6 ‘cube’ is now available, which has further improvements and
refinements, including a larger opening for easier access and larger items, all
metal slider retraction gear with soft closure. It can also be removed to
facilitate cleaning or servicing. This all helps ensure quicker, more efficient,
more durability.

Most DigiEye systems are ‘bespoke’ to at least some degree, as DigiEye is
designed to be easily adaptable to specific environments. Therefore, VeriVide
experts will be more than happy to advise you how to make DigiEye work to
your best advantage. This might be at one or more stages of production,
inspection, packaging, storage, new product testing etc.

What is certain is that DigiEye can benefit considerably almost any production
environment where colour or appearance matters to customers or consumers;
or where colour or appearance data can help determine product quality,
consistency or safety.


Putting colour in context

  • For food and drink

    VeriVide’s DigiEye system helps food and drink businesses to use colour
    and appearance data to their advantage in ways that they may never
    have previously considered.

    Data collected and processed by DigiEye enables food and drink food
    and drink producers and processors to:

    • Speed up quality control.
    • Reduce wastage.
    • Sustain product integrity.
    • Improve ability to meet customer standards.
    • Improve supply chain efficiency.
    • Improve R&D capability.
    • Detect anomalies, contamination or deterioration.
    • Help solve production problems.
  • For textile and apparel

    Among its many benefits, DigiEye offers complete objectivity, accuracy,
    consistency and repeatability. It ‘sees’ colour in the same way as humans,
    focusing on the elements that need assessing and filtering out extraneous
    elements such as packaging or labels.

    DigiEye is versatile enough to be used with advantage at any point in the
    production process – design, testing, comparison, manufacture, packaging,
    storage, retail display, point of sale etc.

    Data processed by DigiEye can also be sent in real time to one or more
    other DigiEye systems, anywhere in the world. This can lead directly to very
    significant cost-reducing global supply chain efficiencies.

    • Examples of products and materials that can be assessed quickly and
      accurately by DigiEye include:
    • Denim
    • Carpets
    • Patterns and prints
    • Lace and lingerie
    • Co-ordinated sets – including combinations of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ goods
      merchandised together.
  • World’s most efficient and accurate colour fastness testing system

    DigiGrade – developed by and exclusive to VeriVide – automatically grades
    colour fastness test samples digitally. This small footprint system essentially
    comprises a digital camera linked to DigiGrade’s software to give objective,
    accurate, consistent and rapid results.

    DigiGrade can assess single or muliple samples and is fully compliant with
    BS EN ISO 105-A11:2012 Textiles – Tests for colour fastness. Part A11;
    Determination of colour fastness grading by digital imaging techniques

    Though this is extremely advanced technology, the DigiGrade system is easy
    to use without specialist skills or knowledge. Typically, operators can be
    trained to good proficiency levels within a day.

    A major advantage of DigiGrade is that it is a non-contact system. Examples
    of its use are the assessment of wash fastness grading for change of shade
    and staining, light fastness and rubbing.

    Light fastness:  DigiGrade offers a simpler and more efficient way to
    measure Blue Wool samples for light fastness. It enables end-point of samples
    to be measured objectively and recorded accurately and consistently.

    Rubbing: DigiGrade performs a one-click crocking test using a pre-defined
    filter. It significantly speeds up the test process and eliminates subjectivity.

    DigiGrade has been fully proven by several years of design, manufacturing
    and laboratory applications in a wide variety of environments, and has been
    approved as the benchmark test process by many major retailers.


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