Written by DZ

Taber releases new Rotary Abraser

Taber is pleased to announce the introduction of our updated Taber Abraser during Q1 2020.Offering many new features, this instrument will be available with a single specimen holder (Model 1700) or dual specimen holders (Model 1750).  The re-engineered housing is a significant shift from previous Taber instrument designs and provides an aesthetically pleasing, modern appearance without sacrificing the ruggedness customers have come to expect from Taber.  The model 1700/1750 includes a precision-machined, cast aluminum support frame which incorporate alignment pins to ensure exact arm placement in relation to the specimen holder (which makes it much easier to install the optional arm height extension kit!).  Compact abraser arm assemblies are individually calibrated and include wave springs to reduce clearance in the bearing assemblies.  The vacuum nozzle has been designed with replaceable, screw-in nozzle tips including the nominal 8 mm and optional oversized 11mm. The vacuum hose mounting system has been reconfigured for improved air flow that eliminates any right angle stops.  And an LCD operator touch screen enhances the user experience by providing an easy-to-use interface with features such as abraser status, visual reference of test complete, cycles / time toggle (completed or remaining), programmable pause interval, language selection, plus more.

Together with the new Abraser accessories like a new Grit Feeder and Wheel Refacer will also be released.

You’ll find more info about the new Rotary Abraser here: Link