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Cromocol Scandinavia AB is a company with main focus on test equipment and instruments for materials and components testing. The products we market come from world-leading manufacturers, renowned for their quality and technological innovations. Our customers are mainly in Scandinavia, but also neighboring countries.


We have actively chosen to supply equipment from some of the leading manufacturers of test equipment and instrument in the areas where we operate today. Quality is something that permeates our entire business; ranging from the quality of our products to the expertise of our sales staff, service technicians and engineers.


Servicing our customers, whether it concerns technical consultation or calibration and service of equipment and instruments, is for us a matter of course. Thanks to a well-established service organization and our long experience, we can create added value for all of our customers.


Some of our supplier contracts are more than 50 years old. At Cromocol, we value building long-term relationships, both to customers and suppliers. To convey quality, create loyalty.


Cromocol växer inom materialprovning och kvalitetskontroll genom förvärv av Paper Test Equipment Sweden AB.

12 Apr 2024

Cromocol har skrivit avtal om att förvärva 100% av aktierna i Paper Test Equipment Sweden AB, Sveriges ledande aktör inom testutrustning för papper, massa & förpackning. Företaget är beläget i Norrköping och har sedan starten 1995 levererat världsledande testutrustning och en hög servicenivå mot nordiska papper-, massa- & förpackningsföretag. Bland kunderna finns de flesta ledande bolagen inom området.

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Warning Fake e-mails

22 Dec 2023
It has come to our attention that we have had an email conversation with one of our customers were a perpetrator has placed himself in our ongoing communication. The perpetrator, who claims to be a Cromocol employee in a very credible way, informs that Cromocol payment instructions have changed.

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Best Regards,

Cromocol Scandinavia AB

Fundamentals of Weathering 2022

14 Sep 2022
RISE, Research Institute of Sweden, together with Cromocol Scandinavia, take pleasure in inviting you to participate in seminars on weathering durability testing. Professional instructors from Atlas Material Testing Technology will hold the course Fundamentals of Weathering which is a concept presented as FOW world wide.
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Measure the Color of Plant-based Meat Substitutes

14 Sep 2022
Global concerns about climate impact and food insecurity have accelerated the need for plant-based meat alternatives. In fact, the shift to alternative proteins may be the most cost-effective way of addressing the climate crisis. Plant-based Meat Substitutes or Alternative Protein is one of the fastest-growing industries in the US and worldwide and with HunterLab instruments you can measure the color of any protein-based product or raw material. Why? Read more!

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